5 Mind-Blowing Apps

5 Mind-Blowing Apps That You Must Try in 2021


first app on our list is lollipop

List of 5 Mind-Blowing Apps. the first app on our list is lollipop which is a wallpaper application this app comes with more than 350 high-quality wallpapers. Talking about these wallpapers they all have unique and material designs. All kinds of wallpaper you will find here from landscape and natural scenes to superhero abstract designs they give a very special look to our home screen and also UI of this app is very simple. Here you will get five tabs lollipop featured popular random and collections collection tabs wallpapers are included categories so you can easily find a perfect wallpaper for your device. just find a device press that shares icon then choose quick apply then apply wallpaper to the home screen and that’s it lastly I want to say that if you like to tweak your home screen widgets icon packs and you are looking for good wallpaper then lollipop is definitely the app to go with.

2nd app is launcher

List of 5 Mind-Blowing Apps. while it is still technically in beta and unleashed it is available to download and try out for free from the play store. I have been using it on my phone for a little while now at its core Nigel launcher is essentially just a single screen it shows shortcuts to 8 favorite apps of your choice. alongside a scrolling list of letters idea is that those favorites are the applications you access most frequently and when you need to get to anything else you can find it by fast scrolling your fingers along either edge of your screen that activates the launcher’s letter list and let you quickly jump to an area of your built-in-app drawer. if you don’t need to access your full notification palette at any point just swipe down anywhere on the screen to open it setting up this launcher is very simply install it from play store set Niagara to default home screen press agree and continue then choose your favorite apps that you want to display on your home screen. lastly give notification access you can do some more tweaks by going into launcher settings you can also apply a third-party icon pack overall it’s very clean launcher make sure to try it out.

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3rd app is vintage

List of 5 Mind-Blowing Apps. which is 1998 camas the name said it’s a vintage camera application. That comes with a lot of 90sfilm filters this app offers a wide range of popular film filters like polaroid camera light leaks dust and grainy filter spectrum and more all these effects arranged in different name groups you can enable or disable grid alsothen take a photo when you preview your photo you will get to see classic datetime stamp and dust. That will be added to your photo and which gives your photo a dope 90s retro book you will get more features inside this camera like you can adjust your imagequality3d image random dust or light leak effects and many more make sure to try this camera.

4th app addictive puzzle

List of 5 Mind-Blowing Apps. this app is a game it is finding a way addictive puzzle find away is a very simple concept you are presented with a grid of dots and squares and you must connect all the dots which sounds very easy. But wait does cannot connect with scales dots can not be connected twice you must connect all the dots. Which is hard to do and the combination of all these things makes it an addictive puzzle game that brightens your brain comes with the flight design and also music of this game really good. There is also a night mode option which you can turn on if you want to find away is a free game that has very lightweight graphics which means it will run on any android smartphone out there make sure to try this game.

5th app is gradient icon

List of 5 Mind-Blowing Apps. our last application of this Article comes by the name of gradient icon packas. the name suggests it has a wide range of gradient icons it comes with 700 plus icons. That looks very unique almost every icon has a gradient background the elegant design and rounded shape subs the confit exceptionally well with any launcher out there it also provided 23 wallpapers and11kwgtv themes which is a really good thing.

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