Apple Makes Samsung Happy Again


As you guys know Samsung is apple’s biggest rival in addition to making smartphones. Samsung also makes other things like camera memory ram and most importantly display. Samsung already makes all the displays for the iPhone since The iPhone 10 all the way to the upcoming iPhone 13lineup. They’ve made millions of and billions in revenue. Apple Makes Samsung Happy Again.

Guess what Samsung just secured another huge bag for the first time. According to massive news coming from South Korean media, Samsung will be making OLED panels for all the Ipads in 2022 and 2023. Surprisingly apple is switching to OLED displays for next year’s iPad models. It’s mentioned that Apple could release a 10.86-inch OLED iPad pro next year and then in the year after we’ll have 11 inch and 12.9-inch OLED iPad Pro. Apple Makes Samsung Happy Again.

Again all of them will rock all the panels made by Samsung display. Considering how much money Samsung makes already on these iPhone sales and considering how pads are pretty much the best tablets on the market. Especially when you look at the sales year after year Samsung is about to become even richer also in the news. This actually happened a couple of days ago apple actually used Samsung’s Galaxy S21 to market their beat studio wireless earbuds. These buds are not just for iPhones but they’re also for android users as well to promote them apple actually used a galaxy s21on their official Amazon page. Apple Makes Samsung Happy Again.

Something no one expected but I gotta say it’s a pretty genius move. Apple sells airports pro to their own users but for those who are not in the ecosystem. They’ve got the b studio buds and in order to sell them, they’re not afraid to show off their rival’s best flagship phone. Apple Makes Samsung Happy Again.

Now speaking of flagships iPhone 14 news is back and it might possibly make a few people miss this year’s iPhone 13 lineup. According to Korean media, Apple could bring a 120-hertz refresh rate on all iPhone models with LTP or technology. Apparently, LG is preparing its OLED LTB or display for next year. This is something only Samsung can do right now, and based on this report apple could play some huge orders. This reflects that all models can get120 a years refresh rate next year. This year Apple is only bringing 120 hertz to the pro-iPhone models. honestly, for those who are going for the non-pro iPhone 13 models, you’ll still be paying around seven to nine hundred dollars. And for that amount of money getting an a60hz refresh rate in 2021. Apple Makes Samsung Happy Again.

It is painfully outdated. but then again it’s Apple we are talking about the iPhone 12 series has been an absolutely massive success. Apple has now sold over 100 million units of the iPhone 12seriesfor for the first time which is actually the same number they achieved with the launch of the iPhone 6.basically completing that supercycle of sales. according to tocounterpoint research, this big sale happened because of two reasons5g connectivity and OLED displays across all the lineup. keep in mind all this happened during the pandemic era where everything else was affected. so yeah guys apple is making some right moves and no matter how you think about it they’re actually getting a pretty good result out of it.


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