we are hearing stories about the APPLE WATCH SAVED A MAN’S LIFE changing people’s lives more frequently. But have you ever heard about the apple
watch saves a man’s life. APPLE WATCH SAVED A MAN’S LIFE that helped a man save his life from a deadly fall through the ice a skating teacher. Who has been ice skating his entire life was enjoying a long time out on a frozen lake. Gliding along the ice expanse which he thought should still have been frozen solid.

But he must have hit a weak spot of the ice or maybe the spring has done some damage.
The ice broke and a man full into the salmon falls river in Somersworth. The skating teacher struggled to climb out for several minutes but couldn’t make it. And was going to lose the body heat
faster and faster and starting to get cold quickly.
He can use the phone to contact an emergency but he had no chance of reaching it.
While trying to get out for saving the dear life he had only 10 minutes at best for his life before his body became
unresponsive because of hypothermia. Then the skating teacher named rogers. Who is still wearing his APPLE WATCH SAVED A MAN’S LIFE remembered about that and he smartly used it to call emergency
services. The brave firefighters got to him in no time after only five minutes and managed to save his life.
All apple watch versions have a feature called Emergency SOS for quickly calling 9-1-1 using different ways.
There is also a fall detection feature in the apple watch which when enabled will automatically call 9-1-1. If the watch detects a sudden fall and remains immobile for one minute among other safety functions.

The APPLE WATCH SAVED A MAN’S LIFE series 5 or later allows you to call emergency services from nearly anywhere in the world.
As long as you have cellular service by forward your call to local first responders.
thank god the apple watch saves demands.


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