Captain Nova Movie Review

Director: Maurice Trouwborst

Writers: Lotte TabbersMaurice Trouwborst

Stars: Marouane Meftah, Kika van de Vijver, Anniek Pheifer

Here is the plot for Captain Nova: a fighter pilot travels back in time to save the future world from environmental disaster, but a side effect turns her young again and no one takes her seriously. The first thing I want to mention about this movie is that they have no emotions. This article is about Captain Nova: Netflix Movie Review.

They have no emotions at all. There’s very bad acting in this movie. Come on, at least give it a try. The main character never smiled in this movie, not even once.

I’m not even joking. Not even once. Also, in one scene, the main character was passed out, and I could have sworn I saw her leg move up in her arm move up, like at least commit a little bit, just commit a tiny, tiny bit. Come on, work for that paycheck. Come on. I could do better acting.

They also don’t ever raise their voice. Their voices are always the same tone. Like, could you imagine the characters in this movie with no emotions? They don’t raise their voices.

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This is my review of Netflix’s new film, Captain Nova. It’s a new Dutch film, an original war film. Netflix presents a kind of original that came out a year ago; they bought the license for it recently.

Is it worth your time to let’s discuss it? A fighter pilot travels back in time to save the future world from an environmental disaster, but a side effect turns her young again and no one takes her seriously.

Had I not just seen the Adam Project, Netflix’s recent kind of time travel movie with Ryan Reynolds,

I probably would have enjoyed this movie more because if they bought it when it originally came out a year ago, this would have come out before the Adam project

and then I would have gone Yeah, that was a watchable movie, but having now seen it just after watching the Adam Project, well, a couple of weeks ago, it’s like, we’ve seen this film before and we’ve seen it done so much better.

The one thing this film does have going for it is its timing. It’s an hour and 20 minutes long, so it doesn’t outstay its welcome. Having said that, I thought the pacing for the first half of the film was really good. I was into it.

you was like, “Oh, this is moving along nicely.” And then you get that middle part, which feels like the end of the film. I was like, “Ah, I guess this. They could probably end it here in that pause and check them.

Oh my goodness, we’re halfway through and then we get the lord of the rings. It feels like it’s ending three or four times.

I think there’s even a fade to black and you’re like, oh we’ve not finished it all right. They’re going to say they’re going to show us some more. Another thing this film doesn’t quite do right is the time management or the believability of the science fiction or just what the characters have to do or encounter to enable the story to work and

So this is why I think it’s for a younger demographic or a one-time watch or family because it’s a PG family movie on a Sunday afternoon or something that you’re not paying that much attention to. It does have a few themes going on here. You know, it’s very rife with what’s going on right now in our environment. We need to do something about that in the future. Look at what’s happened. Now we have the technology to send someone back and start things afresh, maybe stop a few things. When that doesn’t quite work out, we’re going to try and

When she comes back in time to meet this young guy who just agrees to help her along with the way in the film, you see how that relationship goes. Because the film is so short, there isn’t much time for the development of the character development or backstory, you get a little bit from the future, you get people that are just weird in how they react.

This older couple encounter our young protagonist, Captain Nova, and they immediately start protecting them, not knowing them at all, they just help and it’s like well they’re kind, and then as the story progresses like wow

They like this young couple. It’s like, well, I don’t know that I believe any of that, and that’s the thing that I had an issue with this film, not just the science fiction.

I don’t know that I believe this would happen or those relationships would form or there is just not enough that goes into it,

so you kind of have to watch this film with a glazed over glass look, putting your brain aside and I think that’s disappointing.

I think that’s one of the things that critics say to excuse certain film dynamics or decision-making when they go, “Oh, you just have to put your brain aside.”

You know, it’s a fast and furious film, you can’t put your smart brain on all the signs. I get that to a certain extent, but then you’re making excuses for a film. Should you be making excuses for a film? I don’t know, maybe I’m taking this one too seriously.

It’s a science fiction film about time travel and politics in a way that makes us want to save our environment. It’s a sort of love story. It has a small indie sort of budget, and yet we have an AI talking.

It’s very unbelievable in places because we have the technology to make time-travel machines and artificial intelligence.

The present in this film is 2025, so a little bit more into the future, for 2045 we have the technology to build ai properly and time travel machines. It looks like we have nothing in the future.

So there was so much of my brain game but what if once I stopped thinking about that and asking those questions, I just went okay let’s see if I can enjoy parts of this and I did.

For the most part, I wish I hadn’t seen this because the Adam Project is great. It’s not a brilliant film and it has its issues, but the budget is very different.

It’s very hard not to compare it because that’s the most recent one. I’ve seen other lower-budget indie films that were better than this one, and that sounds like I’m saying this film is rubbish.

It’s not. It has good pacing in some parts of it. There are moments that you’re going to enjoy, and it’s like a one-time watch, which will be fun, so I’m going to give it two Nicholas Gaus out of five. It’s not the worst thing I’ve seen this week. It’s not even the worst thing I’ve rated this week.

I’ve also rated a new Netflix film that dropped today. You can go and check out that review. That rating might be worse than this one. I hope you like my Captain Nova Movie Review.

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