Could We Make a Real-Life Captain America?


If you ever want to fly or walk on water There isn’t much modern science can do. But if you want to run around 1940s Europe punching nazis in the face and take on red skull. let’s jump in 1941 comic book readers were introduced to a scrawny kid with a heart of gold named steve rogers. At the time he didn’t have the chops to join the army but his character and a little luck landed him a spot in a secret super-soldier program spearheaded by dr Abraham Erskine. Rogers was given a super-soldier serum placed in a vitae ray chamber and was bombarded with radiation. He emerged not superhuman but at the absolute peak of possible human performance but what was the secret treatment that went down with Erskine well you could potentially make a captain America-style super-soldier with a combination of drugs. A cocktail of anabolic steroids and human growth hormone could have given roger’s raging muscles though what allows these bodybuilders to look like this anabolic steroids promote protein production in skeletal muscle and increase muscle rebuilding following exercises. Which would explain captain America’s overall change in physique as well as his super strength. But while these drugs Could We Make a Real-Life Captain America?. These drugs would improve his strength they wouldn’t do much to affect his stamina for that the captain would need to be increasing the amount of oxygen available to cells by blood doping blood transfusions.

Where red blood cells are taken from the body to be reintroduced prior to high endurance activity increase red blood cell amount which delivers vital oxygen to muscle tissue across the body on top of increasing performance it also stimulates wound healing a trait captain America has in creatine supplements a molecule found naturally in muscle tissue. That helps your body produce high bursts of energy during periods of intense exercise could have topped them off during boss fights going up against red skull or when he and thor were duking it out. So a cocktail of steroids muscle enhancers and constant blood transfusions might be able to make a super-soldier. But we never saw any of that in the movies and even the comics didn’t touch on it a much better approach to creating a captain America-style super soldier that fits much more closely with what we see in the movies. The serum affected cap’s dna since 2003  when scientists completed the human genome mapping project we’ve learned very precisely what physical properties many genes in our dna are associated with things. Like muscle growth and how much oxygen our blood can carry so if the serum cap was injected with could suppress certain genes and hyperactivate other ones, we might be able to induce something like the cap’s amazing transformation. And this could all be possible with CRISPR technology that allows scientists to edit human genomes at will CRISPR is based on how some bacteria have protected themselves from viruses for millions of years. When certain bacteria encounter viruses they capture snippets of virus dna and incorporate it into their own dna this allows the bacteria to remember the viruses and how to fight them in case they ever run into the same virus again kind of like how the human immune system can remember viruses even decades after their first battle scientists figured out they could use the same process to add or delete genetic information in any organism.

Even humans the CRISPR technology could deactivate certain genes like those that code for fat storage and could increase the activity of other genes. Like those that code for muscle growth and development in fact this has already been done like in these dogs but the secret super soldier program needed to pump out thousands of soldiers for the war and couldn’t afford long operating and recovery times. This is where the vitae ray chamber comes into play while in the MCU radiation is treated as a sort of black box of power-inducing capabilities see the hulk this has some basis in real life. We’ve known since the 1940s the effect that energy or more specifically electromagnetic waves like gamma rays can have on cells chemotherapy is a  prime example of this. but in this case, we want to strengthen cells not destroy them and it’s possible these vital rate chambers were doing two things the first and most obvious the chamber is injecting steve rogers with both the CRISPR  therapy and enough biomass to transform him from a hundred-pound simp to 160-pound muscular chad. This second thing the vitae ray chamber is doing is more subtle it involves the intense light we see shining out of the glass window gene editing is an energy-intensive process the CRISPR technology needs to open up the dna of trillions of cells edit them and zip them back up and like we see from Captain America the first avenger the whole transformation happens in a very short time frame that means that the cap would need a ridiculous amount of molecular energy far more than his body could supply that’s where this light comes into play way back in 1905 even before this scene was set albert einstein discovered the photoelectric effect or the ability of light to excite a material simply by the energy it inherently possessed and he discovered the shorter the wavelength of light the more energy it could transmit. now if  they injected cap with x-rays or gamma rays they  would have destroyed his cells liking chemotherapy  but instead they floated his body with longer less  powerful light in the visible spectrum while this  wasn’t enough energy to kill cap cells it was  powerful enough to imbue his body with enough  energy to undergo his CRISPR transformation. now  this all may sound a little far out but there  are already hundreds of light induced medical  procedures in development today and all rely on  specific wavelengths or energies of light to make  them work so this technology surprisingly could  be grounded in reality with modern day science  give gene editing a few more years to progress  and who knows we might be running around with an  army of chris evans what a world to live in so it  looks like even with modern day science we might  be able to replicate captain america after all but  what do you think could crispr technology explain  the cap’s transformation.


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