Dirt 5 Game Review


Dirt 5 Review

Dirt 5 is very different in a lot of ways from any of the previous games in the series. It’s not what a lot of long-term fans were expecting. when it came out in 2020 which lead to it getting a mixed rating on Steam. But being different doesn’t necessarily make it bad. And I wanted to come at it objectively as a  stand-alone game to see for myself if it’s any good and, most importantly if it’s worth buying today. Starting with the physics, they’re definitely much more arcadey than any of the previous DIRT games, with the handling of the cars and overall aesthetic feeling a lot closer to something like  Forza Horizon than Dirt 3 or Dirt 4.

They’ve also completely removed rally stages from the Dirt 5. Probably because most people with any real interest in the rally would just play the much more realism focussed Dirt Rally. While the Dirt series is aimed at more casual arcade racing. As you’d expect from an arcade racer it’s all about aggression. Full-contact racing and there’s little to no driver etiquette. Which I think is fine since it’s not really aiming for any level of realism. Dirt 5 game Graphically speaking it’s a really good-looking game. Dirt 5 Game performance was great on my i5 10  series and RTX 3070 with a steady 70-80 fps. Dirt 5 Review It’s got support for great-looking ray-traced shadows too, provided if your graphics card supports it. but I’d be lying if I  said I had time to look at the shadows moving around as I flew by at 200 kph.

Although I didn’t have a single performance issue,  there’s plenty of players out there reporting problems with frame rates and overall stability. So that’s definitely something to keep in mind if you’re thinking of getting it. There are 60 or so cars in the game including the standard lineup like the Ford RS200 and Subaru Imprezza. As well as some slightly more extreme vehicles like sprint cars and even a couple of fictional cars. Like the so-called  WS Auto Racing Titan with its insane engine power and tractor-like tires. All the cars look good but unfortunately, there’s little difference in the way each one handles.  

Dirt 5 Review

If you can manage the Ford RS200. For example, then you’re easily able to jump into an extreme off-roader. And beat the slight brain-dead AI without really having to adjust your driving style. Which was a little bit disappointing. At the same time, the racing itself’s. actually a lot of fun and even though most cars feel the same. It’s still hard not to smile as you bolt around a colorful circuit with mud flying everywhere. Dirt 5 Review an ever-changing weather and lighting system that changes from lap to lap. Dirt 5 gives you plenty of eye candy to munch on while you race. Although there’s plenty of eye candy though,  the gameplay itself feels a bit flat,  with easily beatable AI that slows down far too much going into every corner making overtaking very easy over the course of a standard 3 lap race. I was never really convinced that my AI opponents wanted to win a race. And instead, we’re just sort of driving around a circuit on the rail until the end.  Even on the hardest difficulty it rarely took me longer. Then the first lap overtakes the whole pack even after starting from the back.

The campaign consists of going from 1 race to another that all quickly start to feel the same,  with each race lasting between 3 to 5 minutes. in Dirt 5 Game You can race on snow, mud, tarmac, sand, and ice with each track usually having a mix of 2 or 3 types of terrain with a slight difference in handling. As you go from one surface to another, but although the maps are gorgeous to look at. They really failed to make me feel invested in winning a race. It became more about just going through the motions to get to the end and complete the game. in Dirt 5 Game After completing each race though you’re treated to the next episode of the Donut  Media podcast, the narration for the ongoing story leads to a 1v1  between you and the top dog in motorsport. Now, normally I’m not a fan of dialogue in racing games. But the amount of energy and character the 2 hosts bring to the game is hard. Not to enjoy and it has to be said that the voice actors did a fantastic job. At making me want to play ‘till the end to see how it all ended. Dirt 5 Review

Which I won’t go into here to avoid spoilers but what I will say is that your arch-nemesis. A bloke called Bruno Durrand is an absolute turd to you. Even everyone else around him throughout the Dirt 5 game. After you beat him he suddenly and instantly turns into a really nice guy. As he praises you and your mentor. AJ, for beating him and it’s like you basically just changed the guy’s whole life. For the better, and everyone joins hands and sings we are the world before living happily ever after. I  still enjoyed going through the story,  even if the ending felt rushed and the final race felt like just another race. Overall I enjoyed Dirt 5, but it’s definitely not worth full price which is a whopping 55  euros for the base game on Steam. plus it feels like half the game is locked behind a paywall,  with 3 other entire game modes and a few cars available as paid DLC’s. If you buy the year 1  season pass with it then you’re looking  at a price tag of 90 euros which is,  for lack of a better word


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