Does Time Really Exist?


Time goes by, time is running out, we have no time, time is money…Everybody talks about time. Nevertheless, nobody can define time without using…time! does all of the time already exist?

Does Time Really Exist?

The invisible force that governs our world you can feel in your heartbeat from sunrise to sunset. it is the eternal progress of events that occur seemingly irreversibly from the past through the present into the future. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to contemplate a universe giving rise to creatures. such as ourselves to question the concept of time. In a question of Does Time Really Exist? Einstein’s theory of relativity states that the closer one is to the gravitational field of an object such as the earth. For example, the slower time goes time will also flow slower.

Einstein's theory of Special Relativity

If one object has a greater relativistic velocity than another. if we imagine the famous twin experiment where one flies in a rocket into space near the speed of light. while the other twin stays on earth upon the return from her space flight. She will notice her twin on earth as aged all of her. In a way, she has traveled into the future as time for her has flown more slowly relative to time one Earth.

Does Time Really Exist? Example Number 2

Take another example from the other side of the coin of relativity. If you spend a year at the top of Mount Everest. you can celebrate New Year 15microseconds earlier than someone who has spent a year at sea level. because they were closer to the curvature of space-time due to the Earth’s mass. So time flowed more slowly for the microseconds might seem incredibly insignificant to our day-to-day lives. But understanding time dilation is crucial to making something like the GPS satellites work without considering it. The effects of general relativity errors in global positions would continue to accumulate at a rate of about 10 kilometers. Each day rendering GPS worthless considering this fluidity and somewhat counterintuitive nature time might seem nothing more butane illusion. Especially because time is used to define other quantities such as velocity and defining time by the velocity of matter.

Does Time Really Exist? Example Number 3

For example, seems like a circularity of definition not only that the operational definition does not address the fundamental nature of time. is it doesn’t entail why events can happen forward and backward in space? While events can only happen forwards in time investigations into the relationship between space and time. Led physicists to define the space-time continuum general relativity is the primary framework for understanding how space-time works. through advances in both theoretical and experimental investigations of space-time. it has been shown that time can be distorted particularly at the edges of black holes.

Tyler McMaken - 20,000 Leagues Under the Ringularity: What's Inside of a  Black Hole? - CU-Prime

The strontium atomic clock is the most precise clock ever devised by humans it’s accurate to within a second over 15billion years yet. because of Einstein, we know space and time are fluid and are affected by gravity and velocity and it may make us feel uncomfortable to think something so fundamental to our existence can be considered an illusion but quoting Einstein. the distinction between the past present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.



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