ELVES Ending Review & Explained!

ELVES is one of the latest Web series that is available on Netflix, the movie is available for streaming on all Netflix devices. This ELVES Ending Review & Explained! will take a look at the movie ELVES and explain what the movie is about and what happens in the movie.

Everyone needs to get a little bit of Christmas spirit. Christmas is the time when most people celebrate the season by putting up a tree, decorating their homes, watching Christmas movies, and getting into their Christmas spirit. But for some people, that all goes to plan. For others, Christmas goes haywire, and the Christmas spirit becomes a nightmare.

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ELVES Ending Review & Explained

Netflix is elves sure is a departure from the 1989 classic Santa must expose this Unholy Force before the elves destroy Christmas. In this video, we’ll be taking a look at elves, a new Danish television series with a horse pin on Santa’s Little Helpers. But before we begin make my Christmas wish come true and like And subscribe. I’m always coming out with new videos. Welcome to the quaint Island village of Armant.

Sudan marks number one Christmas, getaway. Well, not really this. This is about as empty as my 13th birthday party. Here. We meet this Fame family consisting of Father mads, Charlotte Casper, and Josephine. They want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city this holiday season and have a more family-oriented Christmas experience. This involves renting a cabin in the woods on a secluded island inhabited by some really friendly locals. But things aren’t really what they seem unarmed.

And Sue mads runs over something and finds his car smeared in this blue tar-like blood. And the locals aren’t too keen on the family, chopping down a Christmas tree. Jesus at the fast cap. Anybody hot it best. He’s gone. You’re on leave. Yeah, that came by the way. This is Karen a Frances. McDormand impersonator. Josephine is our protagonist. All she wants for Christmas is to stop being treated like a child trying to Peddle bonds, if not frustrated. She sneaks out in the middle of the night to investigate this weird fence surrounding the nearby forest. And there she meets Kiko and an adorable, but injured, woodland, elf.

And what do you do when you’re a young girl? You bring your back and hide it in the barn to nurse it back to health. Little does Josephine know that this sets in motion a terrible sequence of events, The Vicious adult elves that live beyond the fence want their child back and will stop at nothing to get it. Furthermore, the townspeople have a cult-like fascination with the creatures and believe it is their responsibility to protect them.

If you do, we had a Spa skip his pool. Everything here in episode 3 we learn how these elves came to be approximately 10 to 15 years ago, there was an accident at the old Lumber, which caused chemicals to leak into the ground. This accident is also what killed lives. The parents live is the granddaughter of Karen.

So to keep people from exposing themselves to these hazardous chemicals, the townspeople put up a fence or so that’s the excuse they give this Fame family. We don’t get much backstory into the origin of these elves, whether they were here all along, or it was this accident that awoke them from their Slumber.

Regardless, for years, the town and the creatures have had an uneasy peace, but the taking of the baby elf has thrown everything off balance. When Karen finds out that it was Josephine who took it, she does what any normal person would do in chloroform’s here to offer her as sacrifice who’s got kiss hit 10. And this has cable creaking. That’s how things have worked here for decades.

The townspeople offer sacrifices to appease the elves in episode 1 we see how they use a cow as part of the sacrifice. But now it’s going to be Josephine, meanwhile, Casper and live look for a way to contact the mainland, but care. Aaron has already cut the cords on the radio. They’ll later team up with mads and Charlotte and Venture off into the dangerous, fenced-off territory to save Josephine.

Joining them is Mueller a townsperson who has seen the error of his ways following Karen, which just goes to show you you should never follow a Karen in the eyes of Live. And Mueller Karen has gone too far. They confront her, but she’s not going to change her mind. That is, until Kiko jumps from out of nowhere, buying them time to rescue Josephine while Karen’s body is eaten by a group of adult elves.

The rest can escape with one showdown with an adult elf who is later crushed by their car. They make it out of the fenced area, turn on the electric fence and make it back to the ferry. Josephine’s mom says they didn’t have enough time to go back to the cabin and get their Christmas presents. But that’s okay.

The present she got for Josephine was a bit too childish, and she recognizes her daughter is now a big girl completing Josephine’s character Arc live also decides to come along with this veins. She’s always dreamed about visiting the big city, but her grandmother had told her that wasn’t possible her place. It was here on the island, looking after the elves. But then there’s the question of Kiko who Josephine bonded with throughout the series.

They left him behind, and Molar tells Josephine that Kiko will always be there in her heart. But in the show’s final moments, we see that Kiko has hidden underneath the car as it heads towards the mainland. Setting up a season 2 where the elves will undoubtedly be in Hot Pursuit. But what did I think of elves? Honestly with 622-minute episodes? This could have easily been a much tighter hour-and-a-half movie, and it wasn’t until I was over.

My notes that are realized a lot doesn’t happen throughout these six episodes. This includes almost no emphasis on character development, arguably one of the most important elements of a television series. The characters here are all pretty flat with no interesting backstories or character arcs. And I’m like, give each member of this Fain family a flaw that they have to overcome throughout the season so that by the time they do leave back for the mainland at the end of episode six, they leave as better people.

I also wish we got more lore as to the origins of the elves and their connection with the town’s fo. You could do an entire episode just on that. There’s this super weird scene where the townspeople start this cult-like chanting, but it never goes much further than that, nor are these dreamcatcher things that surround the sacrificial pit explain.

Now I thought some of the elf kills were cool, like in the lumber mill. But there are so few of them to keep me entertained throughout six episodes. And when you combine that with characters you don’t care about, it’s hard to get invested. And finally, the show does try to give some social commentary involving climate change. But it’s just not fleshed out. The message ends up getting modeled.

So this holiday season, I’d say elves can be shelved. Thanks for watching everyone. Make sure to like And subscribe, and for more bad takes. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Everything story, white tea until next time. Remember, Daddy loves you very much.

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