Five Nights At Freddy's Movie 2023

Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie (2023) Updates + Release Date

What I’m going to do here for you guys is give you the latest update on the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie telling you what? Jason Blum, the head of Blum House Studios, who are the ones making this movie, had to say lately about the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie. And this one, you know, I say it every time, but it’s a pretty nice little update. At least this time we have some video footage of the interview. five nights at freddy’s (2023) movie release date is 24 march 2023.

So we can analyze his body language and see if the man’s been lying to us. It’s been over six years, man, we are getting desperate. But IMA needs you Five Nights at Freddy fans to give me your opinion on this update here. What do you think he means? By the way, he chose right here.

Do you think we may be seeing this movie come 2023 as well as theorizing who you think is going to be cast as well as the director of this movie? I think that’s the big update we have coming up. So this update came to us just yesterday at night. And I want to thank a couple of people who are tagging me on Twitter.

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Five Nights At Freddy’s Release Date + Updates

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Let me know this happens. But deadline here went ahead and interview Jason Blum asking him questions about the industry, how he feels about ticket prices, varying for different movies, what he has looked forward to in the future. And of course, one of those questions, old Five Nights at Freddy’s. And, well, let me just go ahead and play the clip for you on Freddy’s.

We are. We are dangerously close. I will say that we are dangerously close. I’m just saying, we’re dangerously close to two more news dangerously close. So that’s could certainly be in 23 are big, big, big movie 423 will be Exorcist. Did you hear that? Look, let’s rewind that one.

We are dangerously close. I will say that we are dangerously close or time. I’m just saying we’re dangerously close. I also like to live dangerously, but break down what he says here. There are a couple of cool things, one he mentions. It could be a 2023 movie. I don’t know how much that means to us, because originally this was looking to be a 2022 movie. We were supposed to be getting it this year.

Let’s not forget that there were reports and confirmations by not only Scott, but Jason Blum, that went ahead and said, but the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie would also begin filming in the spring of 2021. Spring came and went. No, I’m still waiting. And then we found out that they never started filming in the spring, because apparently Scott,

once again

once again, decided to throw away that script and start from scratch where they even went ahead and fire the director Christopher Columbus, who was attached to that. So we were like, we’re back at square one. We were this close. But now we know we’re dangerously close to me.

I don’t want to get overexcited here or start putting words in Jason Blum’s mouth. But it feels like that means there’s a major announcement coming within a couple of weeks. Just because we don’t see the updates happening on the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie and the public doesn’t mean they’re not happening behind the scenes.

Jason Blum still definitely wants to get this movie made as much as it gets delayed or push back. Like, honestly, blown probably has a lot of patience for this damn movie. He required years ago. And even in the same clip, you can hear the interviewer in the background going ahead and asking, oh, so you have a direct. Do you have a cast? What’s going on? And he just continues to go ahead and slip that off.

And I feel like that’s because it’s going to be part of the major announcement. They have a planned suit. Everybody’s curious to see who will be the new director of Five Nights at Freddy’s. And I feel like maybe we have a small idea. And yes, people have their wish list of who they want the Hard director to be for Five Nights at Freddy’s. But I feel like we can maybe predict if we look at some of the house’s previous movies.

I mean, Studios like to do this a lot. Whenever they have an IP coming that’s worth a lot. A lot of people are going to see it, and they need someone they can trust. They usually go to somebody. They have a good working relationship with and hand them the project. And I feel like Five Nights at Freddy’s a movie is one of those projects that Jason Blum isn’t just going to hand to anybody he’s going to recently meet.

So being realistic as much as people want to throw out names, I call Steven Spielberg, Sam Raimi. Only one L James won all those would be names. I would be so happy if they announced to be part of Five Nights at Freddy’s. But to me, the more realistic option to who they could honestly get our two people currently working at I house one of them, Christopher Landon, he’s worked on a lot of movies from Blum House from the Paranormal Activity.

Franchise, freaky, happy deathday. And from all interviews, it seems like Jason Blum and he has a great relationship. I could see him handing this project off to him. The other person I would probably want a little more is Scott Derrickson. Now, Scott Derrickson, you might know, because he directed The Doctor Strange movie, but he recently parted ways with Marvel over creative differences.

And that’s where he’s gone back to his horror roots, making a new horror movie for Blum. It’s called a black phone that I’m very excited about, and have heard great things about any previously did Sinister with them also. So I feel like these are the two most likely candidates based on

Blum houses line up. The person you don’t want it to be is Jeff Wadlow, no offense to Mr. Was Little Kim. Sure, you’re a great person, but he’s made Truth or Dare Fantasy Island. He’s got a relationship with Blum House. They keep handing the movies. They gave him the Magic 8-Ball horror movie that Blum House is going to make.

It might give him Five Nights at Freddy’s. And then we’re doomed. We also got to think, is this announcement gonna come attached with cast members? Are they going to let us know who will be voice casting some of these animatronics who will be playing the main live-action characters? Will they be casting kids for this? Or will they just have the Night Guard Security man cast?

Because I’m still curious how faithful the story is going to be to the actual five-night games and Lord if you’ll so obvious that they would go ahead and follow the games and tell those stories. But if you remember that one update we had when Scott went ahead and listed us

like the tender different movies they had planned for Five Nights at Freddy’s, which ideas he rejected like, literally 90% of those movies had nothing to do with the actual video game story. There was like one where they were going to turn them into Furbies.

I guess that explains why Scott’s always thrown away their scription, waiting for the perfect one. And it’s been several years of us waiting and doesn’t even get me started with the shock that might happen to something fans that if this movie continues rolling and we finally get it, there’s a good chance it could be PG-13 some put.

I want to hear that they get really upset, and they start throwing out things like, really Chris animatronics, chewing up kids, killing them devour and their souls. You tell me, that’s PG-13 hey, man, the fan at books are in the children’s section, and it has all that stuff. U know how much money there is to be made in the merchandise side of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

You don’t want to risk that too much with making it straight R-rated and only send the demographic to one section. But again, I don’t want to trigger anything to offend. Some people get really mad when I say that, but maybe if I let you know now, and it turns out being PG-13, you won’t be so mad later. And trust me, I’m on that same boat with you.

I want it to be rated R. I just think, well, I’m house has been known for making G13 our movie. Some of them are pretty good. But look, this is still great news. I know it’s breadcrumbs, but it’s the promise of a major announcement coming in a couple of weeks. Maybe a few months.

Jason Blum has it in his mind that it could be a 2023 movie, but we gotta be realistic in wonder if they don’t start filming this year, it’s gonna be a 2024 release man. This is where I throw it off to you. Five Nights at Freddy’s fans. What do you think about this? News of Jason? Blum has said to us,

when do you think is the best time frame that he’s going to make this major announcement? Do you think the 1023 release date is possible? Who do you want to be? The director or the cast member? Be realistic celebrities and directors cost money. I don’t want to hear any names like Dwayne. The Rock Johnson Limehouse makes movies on like ten million dollar budgets, Blake Johnson gets paid like 20 million dollars a movie and everything is sure to like subscribe, follow me on Twitter at three see films, Oran Tick-Tock at 3C films. But as always, I’m Chris. So the next breadcrumb y’all.

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