He’s All That Review


He’s All That Netflix Movie Review

Okay, so he’s all that is a Netflix original movie. It’s really just a remake of she’s all that with roles reversed. We have Addison ray as paget and tanner Buchanan is Cameron in the starring roles. But we also get a small inclusion of Rachel lee cook playing Paget’s mom. Now her name is different so this isn’t a sequel it’s just a remake. Not really going to compare this current film with the 99 version. First and probably mainly because it’s been at least 15 years. Since I’ve seen it and I really don’t know if it holds up. But secondly, this has to be able to stand on its own.

I overlook a lot if the story can connect me with me and keep me engaged with the characters. I also love a fresh take on the story of He’s All That Movie. So this is sort of a fresh take in that I mean that it’s been updated with modern issues from the 1999 version. But aside from that, the premise is the same. The popular kid has bet with their other popular friends to take one of the most unpopular kids and to turn them into prom royalty. The acting in this is spotty. while I didn’t mind Padgett as a character too much. In He’s All That She came across as very stiff and unnatural. her line delivery kept me wondering if she knew what her motivation was and the same goes for Cameron. While he was a little more convincing in his emotions the whole performance just came across as stifled.

So when Those two would interact. Much of the time the chemistry was weird. Sometimes they connected but other times their timings didn’t work. I think some of that is the directing an even larger part of that came down to the editing. There were multiple times throughout the movie where I became distracted. How much the camera would cut back and forth between characters as they were having a conversation. It was jerky which then made the conversation jerky and then made it unenjoyable. Now not all of their acting was terrible nor was the way the story executed all bad. There were times where I was genuinely enjoying myself. I laughed a few times and even become invested in some of the outcomes. Even though I knew exactly what was about to happen.

I liked the sidekicks in this movie. Especially when it came to Cameron. both his sister and a best friend worked to ground the character and provide some of the snark that’s needed to be directed at Cameron. He’s the quiet rebelled hering to his simple view of the world. which I can appreciate. The story of He’s All That also uses him as a small commentary on social media. which is a bit preachy but still true. Most of the time this was a cheesy watch. most of that reason came down to what I had said earlier about the line delivery.

Matthew Lillard cameo

In He’s All That Film Matthew Lillard has a cameo, which I loved. Mostly we just hear his voice as the principal of the school over the intercom. Those times his lines are pretty atrocious and they’re really unfunny. They were cringy and a waste of his comedic timing. But there was a point where he is on screen. at that point he stole the show forme he shined in all of his goofy sarcastic glory. It just made me wish that he was on the screen so much more during the movie.

He’s All That Overall Review

So overall this was an ok watching experience of He’s All That. it is decent for updated storytelling of a movie that was based on an older story. The characters are familiar because we’ve seen them before. The portrayals didn’t always connect. Addisonray and tanner Buchanan do manage some chemistry.

The editing also works against their performances to make their interactions stiff and unnatural. While some of the comedy worked. Other portions are cringe and less effective for laughs. For me, the appearance of Matthew Lillard was the massive bright spot and I wanted more of him throughout.

I give he’s all that three out of five couches.


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