Hello Guys, The Honor 50 Phone series is now officially launched in China. But ahead of its international release, there is some amazing news which we’ve all been waiting to hear, which you may have guessed by reading the title of this Article. So according to the statement of the company, Consumers will Have to experience the google mobile services in their brand new Honor smartphones and tablets. Honor Germany confirmed in the last month by tweet, which is now deleted by the way, but now the return of Google is really official. And now phones are getting google services back, but this just doesn’t apply to phones only, Honor confirmed that their tablets will receive the Google treatment too.No doubt This is great news for the company.

The Honor 50 series which is launched in China will be available to pre-order on Friday, June 25. The devices have already been submitted to Google for review, and once they get approved they’ll be able to ship their honor 50 phones with Google apps and services pre-installed. Honor hasn’t been able to ship new smartphones with Google apps and services pre-installed since mid-2019, they had suffered a lot since then, so it’ll be interesting to see if the brand can regain some of its lost ground outside of China. Honor plans to offer its Honor 50 smartphone in 40 international big regions. It may not be released in the United States. Prices for international markets have yet to be confirmed. But we can estimate its international price by their price In China, the Honor 50 international retail price might be around $422 while the Honor 50 Pro might be available at $578, and the mid-range Honor 50 S E might be available around $375.


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