How China is changing the future of shopping


This is live stream shopping one of the hottest trends in china. How China is changing the future of shopping. Every night tens of millions of people watch live shows hosted by influencers like the and by the products, they recommend on e-commerce and social apps. Like Taobao and do-ing
the sister app of tick-tock functions. It’s not about you know only shopping it’s about the experience it’s about having fun
you got to see 3d you got to see in some kind of action. It’s almost like a theater act the internet craze has taken over China. by the end of 2020, the country had almost 400 million live stream shopping users china’s Livestream e-commerce market has also grown dramatically with an estimated value of 161 billion dollars in 2020. It’s becoming popular outside china as well. So is live streaming the future of shopping? live streaming is not a new thing in china it started in 2015 with the rollout of 4g and it was first used for entertainment and socializing many live streamers performed for their followers or chatted to them making money by receiving virtual currency and gifts.

In the west live streaming is mainly the domain of avid gamers in china it’s broken into e-commerce. How China is changing the future of shopping. China actually has a very big e-commerce empire, so it uses these super apps that we call you to have a payment you have to search for the information. You have a recommendation system and you have a huge amount of goods available on the platform and as well as a lot of consumers. So with this advantage, they merge these features of live streaming to make the influencers actually so good here is a perfect choice nice neutrals beautiful print nothing overwhelming, and the warmth and comfort of flannel. This item of traditional tv shopping involves a one-way direction whereby a host introduces a product demonstrates certain things and says call this number or something. But live stream shopping is live that in itself is a very very big difference it causes different psychology and lives stream shopping is a very entertaining way of actually engaging someone else. when you shop actually this live streaming video will continue it will minimize into a corner and you can like buy the items and pay all on the same app.

After that, the live streaming screen will just enlarge by itself and the promoter will come back to the screen so it’s very convenient. how about one of china’s biggest e-commerce platforms owned by tech giant Alibaba added a live streaming function in early 2016. in the following years, other e-commerce and social platforms like JD and do-ing also integrated this feature over 70 billion dollars worth of goods was sold by a live stream on Taobao. in the year through March 2021 latest surveys show that over 60 of live stream users in china were watching shopping shows and over 65 of them shopped at least once via live stream. How China is changing the future of shopping in 2020 live stream shopping got a huge boost during the pandemic when millions of people were in lockdown and many retailers were pushed, online people. you know during the lockdown felt like there’s a need for more social interactions.

This live platform creates an interesting kind of uh environment that gives people this sense that I’m actually interacting
with you and then live-stream shopping brings in a lot more variety of things that people could buy and satisfy. You know the sense of losing control especially during a pandemic at the heart of this craze are the top influencers who have tens of millions of followers and some products worth millions of dollars every night they often use their stock power to get bargains from retailers Which in turn boosts their own sales and influence. so if you think about china’s live streaming you have to know the king and queen of the influences the queen of live streaming via she is actually having the biggest viewership and or the biggest sales volume for a long time on Taobao platforms. She can sell everything from Gucci sunglasses lipsticks
homes and cars. You know that they can sell and you know that you know they can generate revenue they able to sustain it over a long period of time it depends on how innovative they are changing some of the things they do but you can’t expect consumers one day to turn into virtual shopping for good there will be the nature of us that crave to go into the store to touch the goods and actually wear it and see how it looks like and walks around in that with our friends and those things wouldn’t be replaceable with live streaming.


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