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The earth our small rocky home floating in the vastness of space is thought to be 4.5 4 billion years old Having formed nearly 10 billion years. After the universe, itself came to be in the Big Bang. But how can we a species of an organism which has existed for a mere two hundred thousand years possibly have the intellect and evidence to have come to such a specific conclusion it didn’t happen overnight? the story of how we figured out How Old is the Earth. the age of our planet is along with many twists and turns controversy and debate. but this journey illustrates the amazing power of persistence and perseverance and the true potential of the human mind nearly2,400 years ago.

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The Greek philosopher Aristotle theorized that the earth was eternal having existed forever. Many years later during the 16th and 17thcenturies, biblical references were analyzed by prominent theologists and philosophers who suggested a drastically different estimate of 6,000 years. in fact, James Ussher says about How Old is the Earth a 17th century IrishArchbishop took this a step further and declared definitively that the earth had formed on Saturday, October 22nd 4004 BCat 6 p.m. Just to be clear there’s no place in the Bible where an age of the earth is offered the estimate of 6,000years suggested by an usher. And others are based entirely on the genealogical tables in the book of Genesis assuming they were a complete record he deduced that four thousand and four years had passed between the creation of the earth.

the birth of Christ with this began the ongoing debate between those who look to science to come to an answer How Old is the Earth. And those who relied solely on the Bible and its teachings around the same time that usher was analyzing the Bible to calculate accurate age naturalists like Nicholassteno and William Smith were digging through a different kind of record. the rock record steno examined layers or strata within rock outcrops and the fossilized remains of living things found within those layers he proposed that the deeper a layer the older it is an idea that would become known as superposition. he noted that the layers are originally laid down horizontally and that any strata that have been altered must have been exposed to forces.

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Some point long after their original formation Smith added that. if widely separated layers contained the same fossils those layers were likely the same ageSmith’s nephew John Phillips later estimated in How Old is the Earth at nearly100 a million years based largely on the work of steno. And Smith at the same time, Smith was making their own radical claims this included naturalist Mikhail Lomonosov who suggested that Earth had been created entirely separate from the rest of the universe and that this occurred several hundred thousand years. before the universe itself came into existence for the first time laboratory experiments were conducted to attempt to answer the seemingly unanswerable question How Old is the Earth.

for example in 1779 George Louis Leclerccreated a small globe that resembled Earth in composition. And then he measured its rate of cooling this led him to an estimated age of the earth of 75,000 years. as you can see there was a wide range of ideas about How Old is the Earth. Actually is well into the 1800s it was at this point that geologists, like Charles Lyell and James Hutton, proposed further theories about the evolution of our planet. they specifically theorized that the changes that occurred on the planet were perpetual rocks were continuously forming eroding away and being redeposited these ideas about how both gradual and rapid changes have been occurring on earth.

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1 idea known as uniformitarianism. which suggests that understanding the past is the key to understanding The present. for example if we observe limestone forming at the bottom of a warm shallow sea. today we can infer that all limestone found on earth likely formed in the very same way. while certainly important in our evolving understanding of geology these ideas did not offer any further evidence or details about How Old is the Earth. actual again 1862 physicist William Thompson published calculations that suggested images of the earth at between 20 and 40million years.

The question of the age of the Earth will never be unequivocally answered. we will continue to explore developing more accurate methods for dating objects covering more and more clues. along the way, we can look forward to not only new answers but most certainly new questions as well such as the nature of science.


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