Jungle Cruise Review


Jungle Cruise Movie Review

Disney’s latest live-action adventure has finally arrived on both Disney plus with premium access and in theaters. jungle cruise is based on the popular ride at Disneyland. much like pirates of the Caribbean. does it deliver the entertainment worthy of your cash?

jungle cruise takes us on a thrill ride down the amazon with wisecracking skipper frank and intrepid researcher lily. who is determined to uncover an ancient tree with unparalleled healing abilities. possessing the power to change the future of medicine. the unlikely duo encounters many dangers and supernatural forces. All lurking in the deceptive beauty of the lush rainforest. but as the secrets of the lost tree unfold the stakes reach even higher for lily and frank and their fate hang in the balance. so I’ve had the good fortunate visit Disneyland at least 15 times in each visit one of the must-do rides in the jungle cruise.

it’s an easy-going laid-back ride filled with cheesy jokes from the skipper. and part of the whole charm is that while the skippers have a script that they all use each puts their own flair to their jokes. as the film opens it is very reminiscent of that ride. we watch Dwayne johnson as frank take tourists down the amazon giving a ramshackle tour. that is questionable when it comes to a lot of the facts. if you’ve never been on the ride this opening sequence will probably seem extremely cheesy cringy and most likely out of place. this portion truly is made for fans of the ride and I think it’s meant to give us the feel of traveling down that lazy river. this movie has a lot of characteristics that reminded me of an Indiana Jones movie. there are scenes of slapstick action where characters narrowly escape calamity. through just this series of convoluted and convenient maneuvers. those sequences are also then coupled with an upbeat musical score and it just makes it light-hearted and fun.

Jungle Cruise Review

The setting is well done in this. sometimes you can tell that it’s CGI. but a lot of the jungle and rivers have a realism to them that really helps us to transport us into that world. there’s CGI also utilized to create some creatures and it’s done fairly well. I mean we can tell that they’re not practical effects. but there weren’t any bad enough to be distracting. and some of the effects are actually downright creepy. so that was a bo nusemily blunt as the lily is almost instantly likable and. I really enjoyed her dynamic when coupled with Dwayne johnson. they both can do comedy very well and they have some really good timing together. they also don’t take themselves too seriously in these roles which allows them to have a lot of fun with the characters. jack Whitehall as lily’s brother McGregor is kind of this bumbling sidekick to everything he’s.

Therefore some extra comic relief and some of the time, it really works is quite a sarcasm is his strong point. Jesse Plemons plays the main antagonist and he just eats up the role. sometimes his accent is a little wonky and leaves some to be desired. but I like him even though he’s not terribly menacing and the entire premise of the story is that lily is trying to find this legendary tree with blossoms. that have incredible healing powers. he’s acquired an artifact that points to the truth of the legends. so she hires frank to take her there via Amazon. when this story is full of action it’s a lot of fun. it’s kind of this swashbuckling adventure filled with danger peril and then all kinds of pitfalls. the issue with the two-hour and seven-minute movie though is that when there isn’t any action. it’s just boring some of the quiet moments do work and there are some touching exchanges. that happens between lily and frank but on the whole, anytime the action lulls. the pace of the story almost comes to a halt and I think this is kind of an overcomplicated story as well. in addition to plymon’s being the antagonist. there is another villain who’s played by Edgar Ramirez while his story is fairly interesting.

Especially once we get some good context on him. it’s just another piece to the story that ends up bloating it more than moving it along. ramirez’s backstory comes more than halfway into the film. and we’re introduced to him much earlier though but we get to learn about him and then understand his motives. just really late into the story.


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