The one plus 9 series is almost out. And we have already know the features of the one plus 9 series. But if you already have a one plus 8t which was released last year. The question comes to your mind will the one plus 9 offer enough over it for an upgrader. Should you stick with the one plus 8t maybe you’re planning to get the one plus 8t. Should you wait for the one plus 9 or not let’s compare the two one plus phones to find out the answers to the question. That comes into your mind. But the one plus 9 is going to be the cheaper one out of the two for the GB variant. It will be around 699 the one plus 8t was released at 749 dollars. This is about 50 dollars more than the one plus 9 But it has double the base storage of 256 unexpectedly. The one plus 9 would feature an aluminum frame and a gorilla glass-covered back just like the one plus 8t.

This means nothing new based on leaks both one plus 9 phones share a similar modern design. with a rectangular camera module on the back curved edges and about the same size punch-hole selfie camera embedded into the top left corner of the screen. If we talk about the color comparison between one plus 9 and one plus 8t. We are not certain yet about the exact color variants of the one plus 9. But rumors gave suggestions about the color names. Which are astral black arctic sky and winter mist the oneplus8t is available in two colors with a different finish on each those are lunar silver with a matte finish. Andaquamarine green with the glossy one according to leaks it appears that both phones will share the same display size of 6.5 inches. The same pixel resolution of 2400 by1080the one plus 8t has a beautiful amo led display with beautiful contrast and colors offer better than the average LCD phone screen. We can expect that the one plus 9will have an AMOLED display too if we believe the leakers both phones will share a 120-hertz display refresh rate. This means a much smoother picture that non an average 60-hertz phone screen.

The one plus 9 is expected to come with a powerful snapdragon 888 processor with5g support and 8GB of ram. Oneplus 8t was launched with the Qualcomm snapdragon 865 with 12GB ram and is also 5g ready the downgrade on the ram of the one plus 9. isn’t something should worry about and most users might not be noticed as well technically less ram suggests that fewer apps will be able to remain open in the background. Anyhow the one plus 9 for sure will be a performance beast similar to the last year’s one plus 8tusers shouldn’t face performance-related issues such as jitter during general usage. And heavy gaming usage if we talk about the one plus 9 vs one plus 8tcameras.

The one plus 9 is expected to launch with a 48 mp main camera50 mp ultra-wide camera and an additional 2mp sensor for a front-facing selfie camera. One plus says there will be a notable feature coming in the one plus 9 series. This is the lighting fast focuses one plus partnering with Hasselblad which is a well-known camera manufacturer brand. we can expect a good deal of improvements in the one plus 9 camera quality over one plus 8ton the back the one plus 8t supports a 48mp main camera16 mp ultra-wide. And 5mp macro cameraand a fourth 2mp black and white sensor the front of its punch-hole selfie camera is 16 min. One plus 9 vs one plus 8t battery. The is expected an upgrade for one plus 9. Which will pack a large 5000 mah battery expectedly the snapdragon 888 processor. Oneplus9 is supposed to be more power-efficient than the snapdragon 865 on the 8t. But we’re yet to see if that results from better battery life or not both one plus 9 and one plus 8t support an impressive 65 watts warp charging. The one plus 9 is also expected to have wireless charging support although how fast it would be is still unknown. let us know your thoughts about the one plus 9 comparisons with one plus 8t.


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