reacher season 1 ending explained

Reacher Season 1 Ending Explained

Grab some delicious peach pie and stay off my property. Stay off my property because we finally have a Jack Reacher that’s over 5 foot 7 Amazon’s Reacher is a throwback to when men didn’t cry. And action. The dialogue was just that perfect level of cheesy. this article is about Reacher Season 1 Ending Explained.

I don’t give a shit meet Jack Reacher, a six-foot-five x Army Major who loves the blues almost as much as he loves kicking ass. He’s found himself in margrave Georgia to visit the site where one of his favorite jazz musicians blind Blake died.

Reacher Season 1 Ending Explained

reacher season 1

If you listen carefully, the song that plays in the very last scene of the season is Blind Blake’s Police Dog Blues, which has had that line all my life.

I’ve been a traveling man which perfectly encapsulates Reacher’s character. Reacher believes the world is composed of two types of people, people who

stay in one place. And people who wander. He believes he’s a Wanderer that it’s just part of his nature. This is also why he makes sure to correct people when they call him a vagrant.

For the record, I’m not a vagrant. I’m a hobo. Vagrants are people with no jobs, while hobos have historically been migratory laborers. And Reacher isn’t one to stray away from work, especially if it means taking down the bad guys.

This compulsion to constantly move is so strong that he leaves behind love interest Roscoe Conkling at the end of the season. But if he’s such a Wanderer, what makes him stay in margrave at the end of the first episode.

Reacher finds out

Reacher finds out that his brother, Joe just happened to be murdered in the same town the night before prompting him to take on a sort of vigilante justice. I’m Batman.

What do you and covers is an international criminal organization with crooked cops spanning local state and federal levels in the organization? His brother was looking to take him down but got him killed

in the process. Me up with margrave Detective Finley and officer Roscoe Conkling Reacher finds out that mayor teal and beloved multi-millionaire businessman Kleiner have been working with a Criminal organization in Venezuela to produce millions in counterfeit bills.

Throughout the season. Reacher learns that his brother, who is working in the anti-counterfeiting department of the Secret Service, was close to uncovering this scheme. The only thing he didn’t have was concrete proof linking those involved with those counterfeit bills.

So Reacher

So Reacher takes it upon himself to avenge his brother ER and put these bad guys away. I guess I’ll find everybody responsible kill every last one of them in this motivation to do what is right stems from his childhood. Throughout the season, we get flashbacks of Reacher and his brother as kids reach her beats up a bully.

And when he’s forced to apologize, he doesn’t go through with it, even though it could cost his father. His job. His mother sees this strengthen

him, wanting him to harness it for good. You have the strength of three boys, your age. What will you do with that strength? You’re going to do what’s right.

Perhaps this was part of his motivation to join the military only would it be following in the footsteps of his father, but it would allow him to do good while remaining congruent with his wandering Spirit. But let’s get into the real meat and potatoes of what’s going on in margrave.

This is Kleiner senior, and he runs a big company that does everything from manufacturing air conditioners, chemicals, and all sorts of random things. He’s found a way to counterfeit us hundred-dollar bills, a bill that should be nearly impossible to counterfeit because there’s only one entity in the world that can print this special type of paper.

The bills are made on that’s the US Mint, rather than create this paper on their own. Why not bleach the ink off a standard one-dollar bill, then reprint it as a hundred-dollar bill.

It’s a pretty

reacher season 1 ENDING

It’s a pretty ingenious scheme but requires a vast amount of poisonous chemicals to work. And those poisonous chemicals need to be disposed of. So Clarin chemical, a subsidiary of Kleiner Industries has the brilliant plan of dumping this waste into the river, which alerts an EPA agent fearing their scheme in Jeopardy.

They have this EPA agent killed. And the Hitman responsible for this is a former partner of FBI agent Picard who is friends with Detective Finley. A card who’s been helping Reacher in the team throughout the season is one of the bad guys who got a cop, are you?

The kind of goes with the money is so Kleiner can’t keep spilling toxic waste into the river, or else they might get caught again. So what do they do by a shit ton of cow feed? Of course, cow feed contains something called diatomaceous earth, which, when Ground Up, can be used as an effective cleaning agent for chemical waste.

This is why Kleiner bought a bunch of cows to cover up the fact he’s been buying so much cow feed,

which contains that special compound. But Reacher still needs hard evidence to link Kleiner with those counterfeit bills. All he has up to this point is our theories.

where Paul Hubble comes in

This is where Paul Hubble comes in. He was blackmailed into becoming Kleiner’s Financial accountant responsible for laundering money and acquiring a vast amount of one-dollar bills from Payday, Loan shops, and casinos that could be turned into counterfeit hundreds.

He saw firsthand if he didn’t follow what Kleiner said, he and his family could be brutally murdered while doing the books. Hubble finds out that someone has been skimming money from the top, which he pinpoints to a truck driver responsible for delivering those counterfeit bills.

Name, Pete Jobling. We never really see Pete in the show, but Hubble, knowing if Kleiner found out Pete was stealing from him would have him killed, works with Pete and a federal agent to bring Kleiner down in exchange for immunity. And who happens to be that age, agent Reacher’s brother. Joe,


for Joe and Pete there, killed before, they can expose the whole plan. It kills sin, which is the very first thing we see in the show. In the second last episode. Reacher uncovers Pete’s stash of counterfeit cash, the stuff he stole from Kleiner, which is the evidence they need to link liner to this criminal activity. But Kleiner is dead.

Yes, his maniacal, son Kleiner, junior or kj4 short killed his father to protect the business. See the old man. He had the brains for this whole operation, but he never had the guts to do what needed to be done to protect it. Not only that, it was KJ who killed Reacher’s brother.

The final episode

The final episode becomes a giant showdown at the Kleiner chemical Factory. The same Factory was this counterfeit. Money is produced. Kj and mayor teal have Hubble’s wife and children along with officer Rosco as hostages, assaulting this facility by Reacher X comrade Neely inlaid and Hubble. All the more difficult what I did like about this final action

scene as every character was given an antagonist to fight. We have Finlay pitted against the man who betrayed him Rosco in the mayor, a man who killed her father-like figure, and Reacher versus KJ. Ironically, the chemical used to take the ink off the dollar bills becomes the chemical that lights KJ on fire and kills him with the hostages saved in Reacher, victorious in the epilogue.

We get to see how our characters have changed throughout the season. The biggest changes, arguably with Finley, a man who couldn’t get over the death of his wife Sharon. He moved from Boston because everything they have reminded him of her. He’s a great foil to Reacher.

Whereas Reacher lets go of people too easily Finley can’t let go. But at the end of the season, Finley has Found the courage to move on, telling Reacher, he’s ready to move back to Boston and take care of someone else. A dog he adopts and named Jack after Reacher’s first named Roscoe has also found the strength to take back

the town. Her family built even joking with Reacher that she may run for mayor. But has Reacher changed? It’s rare, or in writing that we have a protagonist who ends the season of a show the same person as when they started. This is visually represented with Reacher and episode one walking by himself on the side of the road with episode 8 him doing the same thing.

Finlay thanks Reacher for

If you have such a static protagonist, you have to make sure that character becomes the Catalyst for change among the others. This is why Finlay thanks Reacher for his help saying that he couldn’t have moved on without him. And bonus points, if you caught the Cameo of Jack Reacher author, Lee Child in the diner at the end,

I thought it was Bryan Cranston for a moment. We get a flashback of Reacher visiting his mother on her deathbed. She gives him a medal of Bravery that belonged to his grandfather from WWII. Richer will end up bearing this metal, where his brother died, a symbol of Bravery. It took his brother

to do what was right. He takes the bravery to do what’s right. Richard says, goodbye to Roscoe. Reacher just isn’t a man to be held down. He is a Wanderer.

After all

After all, she gives him a gift of a Clark Bar with her phone number on it, a callback to episode odd to where it was one of the luxurious vending machine options at their motel. And finally, we have to talk about the pie, which also happens to be the title of the final episode throughout the entire season.

It’s been a running gag that whenever Reacher orders that peach pie from the diner, he gets called away before he can eat it. Finally, he gets to enjoy it, stating that he’s had better. He hasn’t had my grandma’s. And as we were left with no more shirtless Reacher until potential season 2, I now turn it over to you. Was Reacher worth the watch? I Hope you Like This Reacher Season 1 Ending Explained.

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