SPIDER-MAN No Way Home Review



We all wait patiently for the spider-man no way home trailer. I haven’t said patient in about two months. Because it no longer applies and where a couple of weeks ago we started to actually get first looks via the toys instead of the trailer. that’s exactly what happened yesterday with a bunch of follow-ups promotional art still for merchandise, not the toys this time. what looked like t-shirts and other sorts of merchandise that are associated with the film. but we got a ton of first looks at spider-man no way home via these designs.

We have all of them here for you we’re gonna break them all down sadly. again these not coming from the trailer but they are a cool first look and more than that. they are official and from sony, we’re going to break down all the new spider-man no way home promo art. that got released yesterday.


The first one we see is the gold suit and in the background what sort of looks like the circuit board or circuitry. some people have guessed that this black suit might actually be an anti-electricity anti-electron suit. if that circuit board is right, it might imply that we get a classic take on the iron spider or the updated version. we’ve already seen in some of the promo art for the toys for spider-man no way home and then one of the most interesting shots out of the entire promo sheet. the brand new integrated suite with his chest lighting up and while he’s flipping his web.

you can see there that the magic has sort of been joined with that this is the first clear shot at his powers. what’s going on with that integrated suit there’s also another one of these squares. that says magic with a whip just like sort of magic with a kick play on. what they said in infinity war when he was fighting with doctor strange back. then I think we’ve talked about it in some videos, but Doctor Strange Natural Ally, now that tony is gone, makes a lot of sense to me. that he’s playing the role that tony might have played inthis film.


The next row now starts with what looks like a completely tattered version of the iron spider suit. And of course, because a spider-man always gets beat up in all of his movies and comics. he’d need to ruin this suit in order tomake a new one. like the integrated suit. then one spider over this is a yellow spider that’s sort of reminiscent of what we saw in that very first picture with the golden circuit board behind. Although looks a little more magick than that you can see very clearly. There the magic circle around the outside is lit up orange. like the normal dr strange magic.

We then get this awesome look at the spider logo embedded in what looks like the blue magic that’s now associated with the integrated suite. not sure, if this is just a logo design for the merge but it is a play definitely on what we saw him using his powers in one of the very first promo squares. just a couple of moments ago the next line is not that interesting it just shows spider-man in a bunch of action. and some of his suits uh Here what looks like the integrated suite except.

Now rendered in gold and yellow mostly a shot of him that may be breaking through the multiverse. you then see the iron spider and another classic shot of the iron spider with him in front of his uh profile. The next one is pretty interesting it says spidey’s news this sort of puts me in mind of jay Jonah Jameson’s podcast perhaps. During this film someone else will be running a different podcast could it be flash Thompson sort of updating and in support of spider-man. We see some shots there of what I’m calling the iron spider. because it looks like that but during these renderings, it looks alot darker black than blue it could be his updated version of their spider.


Then we see all of the componentry. there the one thing I want to mention is that those pieces that go over his hands you can sear them clearly there. And then as pieces there to the right in the bottom corner those look exactly like the coverings over the mark iii. over the mark 42, in fact, these gold ones look exactly like the wrist and hand plates that go over the mark 42.

I wonder if spider-man has been taking some of the nods from tony. now that he’s been in his lab may be taking some of his techs and integrating it himself and repairing this iron spider suit. if that’s what this is or his own take on the iron spider using some of tony’s designs going forward and upgrading it.


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