The King's Daughter (2022) - Movie Review

The King’s Daughter (2022) – Movie Review

The king’s daughter sees Pierce Brosnan as the king of France and Casco Delario as his daughter who can talk to mermaids. Intriguing for sure, but does that mean that this movie is worth watching? I was lucky enough to see this film early and I’m going to give you my quick thoughts right now.

Director: Sean McNamara

Director: Barry Berman (screenplay by), James Schamus (screenplay by), and Vonda N. McIntyre (based on the novel ‘The Moon and the Sun’ by)

Stars: Pierce Brosnan, Kaya Scodelario, William Hurt

The King’s Daughter Movie Review

The King's Daughter Movie Review

Today I’m going to give you my honest, no BS, non-spoiler review of The King’s Daughter and let you know if it’s worth watching. So we have the King’s Daughter from director Sean McNamara, and you know him from such films as Soul Surfer, Raising Your Voice, The Miracle Season, and the Live-Action Bratz Movie, so as you can tell, we’re in pretty good hands here, and it stars Pierce Brosnan, Casco del Lario, William Hurt, Bing Bing Bing fan, and Benjamin Walker.

the movie is about marie joseph the king’s daughter who is hidden away because of an illegitimate birth however the king of France wants immortality don’t we all and the key to achieving that might have something to do with his daughter and the life force of a mermaid so is this movie worth a watch no

This movie is bad, but I will be honest, I did enjoy watching this movie because I was laughing quite a few times at the screen, so I enjoyed my time with it, but for all the wrong reasons. This is not a good movie whatsoever, and it could have been. This is where it gets disappointing.

I think that this movie, in the hands of another director, could have been quite enjoyable. Not amazing, not great, but enjoyable for the right reasons. That is, as you go down that list, you have the fairy tale-like story, “Once Upon a Time,” narrated by Julie Andrews, and, of course, as soon as you hear Julie Andrews, you’re in a good spot. You have a king that wants immortality, and you have a daughter that’s locked away.

For all of that, I think the cast in this movie is, for the most part, pretty good. There are no big A-list names, like Pierce Brosnan, who is not James Bond anymore. You know, William Hurt is the secondary character in a lot of movies.

I will admit that his performance here is a little spotty. Kyasko Delario is a perfect lead for this movie and she can do a great job, and I feel like the cast really brings their all with the material that’s given to them, but the execution just destroys this movie. Let’s start with the biggest problems: the editing and the pacing. Those two issues alone completely derail the movie, so I can’t even recommend it for the first 20 minutes of the movie. For the most part, the entire movie scenes happen.

The King's Daughter (2022)

For example, shots are not as long as they need to be for us to understand why these scenes are in the movie. What information do we need to get from these scenes? There’s no breathing room. For example, the king of France, Pierce Brosnan’s character, walks down to the sailor and says, “You know what you need to get from this mermaid, or else a jail cell will look like paradise to you.”

You know what, that’s a great line because you understand, yes, he really means business, he really wants this life force and he’s willing to put people in prison if they fail him. However, when he says that line, a jail cell will look like a paradise. Next sceneIt’s like, what’s going on, people, filmmaking 101? You need to let that line linger for a bit, show the character who he’s talking to and show their emotion, show their reaction, and really let that line sink in.

But no, we gotta go on to the next scene and because of that editing and that pacing, it’s hard to understand who our characters are and what they want. Where are they? What’s going on? Who’s doing what? I’m lost. The narration can only go so far because it’s only in like the first five minutes of the movie.

I think you could have a movie that is enjoyable for the whole family. I do think it works with the king and the daughter and the mermaid, and I’m fine with all of that. It does look amazing visually.

Overall, this movie gets a one-out-of-five for me. That’s what Google images are for. This is your unique version of Atlantis. I want to spend more time here, but no. We’ve got to get past the rushed editing and pacing of the Versaille storyline.

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