The Outfit Movie Review

The Outfit Movie Review

Director: Graham Moore

Writers: Johnathan McClain. Graham Moore.

Stars: Mark Rylance. Zoey Deutch. Dylan O’Brien

The Outfit Another bottle movie, which basically could be a stage play, is that it’s just in one location. The movie is set in 1956 in Chicago. Mark Rylance stars as an expert cutter and owner of a tailor shop where the place also serves as a meet-up or drop-off location for gangsters.

Then, one night, two gangsters show up. One is the boss’s son and has taken a bullet. And you can tell that Ryland just once kicked these people out of his life and out of his shop. But even with him, there are little things that’ll happen, like some reaction shots where you’re not sure if he’s hiding something, or if he’s even mentally stable.

All the characters in this movie are just great. It’s the kind of movie where you have a story filled with killers or sleaze bags. But you don’t want to see them die, necessarily, because there’s so much good on screen, and you want them to stick around for a while. Dylan O’Brien, as the boss’s son, is particularly excellent. and probably my favorite performance of his.

He comes off as your stereotypical young hothead Chicago gangster. But then, as some great scenes with Rylance do make him a much more in-depth character than when he was first introduced, Johnny Flynn is great. The movie has a plot that revolves around a tape that was recorded by a rat within their organization, and you spend a lot of time looking at all these characters, wondering if any of them are hiding something where their allegiances lie, or if something is going on underneath.

It’s also fun to watch, right? He lands from the beginning, really playing some of these people against each other, while still not knowing what his story is. The movie is kind of like a 50s Reservoir Dogs in some aspects. And the dialogue is just fantastic with these great lines and insults back and forth.

And I love watching these people play with each other for information. There are a lot of twists in it. And after a while, some of it can seem a little convoluted. And it does get a little climax in the last 5 minutes. But there are still some things that happen in those final moments.

I’ll give the movie and a C-I’m glad I saw this one. I remember getting the trailers a couple of times, and I don’t remember them looking bad or anything. But the trailer did kind of go in one ear and out the other, to the point where when I saw the movie, I had to look up the synopsis to remind myself what was in the trailer. I totally recommend checking this out, and if the trailers freeze stick around, it’ll be worth it. All right.

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