What Is Shiba Inu Coin?


A few days back we all witnessed a huge downfall in the crypto market. And due to which many cryptos faced alot of backlash yet. There is one cryptocurrency that has been gathering a lot of attention towards itself and that is the Shiba Inu coin every day the hype surrounding this crypto is increasing and everyone is taking interest in knowing more and more about this cryptocurrency. will go through some of the really exciting concepts and components revolving around first we will look into the origin of Shiba inu coins. Then we will understand what is Shiba inu coins then we will explore how it is different and unique from dogecoin. Then we will figure out why is it so popular and at last, we will explore what the future Shiba inu coin holds for itself. So how did this shiva uni corn originate the shiva in a coin was created in august 2020by an anonymous person calling themselves Russian, Indian. it was intended as an altcoin of dogecoin which itself was created as an altcoin or bitcoin and this meme coin has been named after the Japanese dog breed shiva inu it feels like the Sheba in a coin was built into existence and is now insanely popular among major crypto exchanges through.

The power of its following crowd memes and a very cute dog. Now we know how it originated so let’s have a look at what is Shiba inu coin. Shiva inu coin is a decentralized community-building cryptocurrency or we can say an experiment developed within the shiva inu ecosystem and built on top of the ethereum blockchain network. Like many other coins, it is a meme coin launched as a rival of dogecoin a doge killer both dogecoin and sheep coin were made inU a humorous manner but sheep coin has already taken over some dogecoin markets attracting a lot of attention and rising as a popular choice among investors. Especially after such a market crash of cryptos like bitcoin and ethereum but what is the difference between Sheba and coin and dogecoin. Although both Shiba inu coin and dogecoin are meme coins and share the same tree of origin both of them differ a lot from each other at the same time and the very first difference between them is the sheep coin is a token and dogecoin is a currency. Let’s have a look at more of those major differences this first is the development of Shiba inu coins or sheep coins are built on and powered by the ethereum network. While dogecoin has been developed using the same technology as bitcoin then in use cases sheep coin is still working upon price more due to its high popularity. Then utility but on the other hand dogecoin has already established itself to some extent as a medium of online payments.

There is the value according to my coin market cap the current value of sheep coin is 0.0007378 and that of dogecoin is0.2617and at last availability. The availability of sheep coin tel today is 394 million and for dogecoin it is130 billion now this definitely raises a question in my mind. Why is she buying a coin so popular Shima no coin is majorly popular because of two reasons Stella founder Elon musk has tweeted recently expressing. That he would like to own a Shiba pub that hyped the crypto market and prices rose by 300 percent on the other hand. Its prices fell by around 40 percent after the founder of the ethereum blockchain network vitalikbuter in donated50 trillion shebang coins to the Indian government for the corporate relief fund of an Indian crypto entrepreneur. Sandeep and iv also now that we know about Shiba in action and its concepts let’s have a look at what is the future of Shiba inu coins. Though the Sheba coin is only known as a meme coin increasing popularity and people’s interest and participating in it is pointing towards a different but bright future according to investing cube.com. the Sheba coin is predicted to rise again although there isn’t much movement among this token and its value active buyers could help its value rise the value could rise to zero 0.000 one zero four zero in a more active buyer. Market although it may not appear to be a significant amount due to its popularity in the future it can have a significant influence over large investors of the crypto market.


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