Will iMessage ever come to Android?


Last week ios 15 dropped and apple released some new changes to facetime. In fact, Allow users on windows and android devices to join facetime calls which previously were only available to Apple users but that got me thinking why would apple do this why would they open up closed software to its direct competitors. I guess that apple felt pressured by
the results of the pandemic and wanted to get a piece of the pie. Before competitors like zoom and google meet
take control of the market share. But this also opens up another interesting question will imessage ever come to android
imessage really isn’t that big of a deal in other countries outside of us and Canada there are plenty of other great alternatives like signal WhatsApp and even telegram. The point of this article is to consider the possibility that imessage could come to android and why that might make sense okay so with that out of the way let’s talk imessage. So we know that imessage has been locked to apple for years. In fact in the recent lawsuit of epic versus apple, we found out that back in 2013 apple executive and wrote to Craig Federici he said we really need to bring imessage to android do we want to lose one of the most important apps in the mobile environment to google to. Which Federici replied do you have any thoughts on how we would make switching to imessage compelling to masses of android users who don’t have a bunch of ios friends. He continued I’m concerned that imessage on android would simply serve to remove an obstacle to iPhone families giving their kids android phones.

Even Phil Schiller said that bringing imessage to android would quote hurt us more than helping us. So it’s pretty clear that Apple hasn’t had any plans in the past to bring imessage to android. So then why did apple open up facetime and what changed well the recent government scrutiny in the aforementioned epic versus? Apple case hasn’t been helpful for apple epic is basically making the argument that Apple is breaking any trust laws by having a monopoly on the app store as a result. Apple might be feeling pressured and opening up facetime could be a good pr move to show that Apple is willing to be cross-platform. Another reason is the pandemic I mentioned earlier but by opening up facetime, Apple is solidifying its position in the video call or work from home seen. Still facetime isn’t fully open and other platform users will have to use a link to join a facetime call. But I definitely see this as a trial run for apple, if things go well and adoption is good then there could be a case for also opening up Will iMessage ever come to Android?. Then again there’s the monetary case for imessage on android. I think Craig Federer was right back in 2013 you would have been hard-pressed to find a hardcore android fan willing to move over the message. but now I’m sure there’s a lot of you who would like to be a part of those blue bubble group chats but still use an android device.

Apple could easily release imessage for android as a subscription cost to offset the amount of potential iPhone buyers. They would lose whether or not this would remain cost positive depends on general adoption. Then again there are so many apples
devices in circulation now that I have a pretty hard time believing that this would hurt apple, in the long run. Sure, back in 2013, Phil Schiller said it would have caused more harm than good, but now maybe not so much and brings me to my last point competitors. Right now there’s a pretty big competition between companies like google Facebook signal and even telegram. Each is trying to establish its own app as the dominant default messaging app. Right now Apple doesn’t really have a leg to stand on everyone in the rest of the world can’t adopt apple devices just to use imessage. So apple can either bow out of the race or open up imessage and officially compete to become the number one messenger app. Then they have to change something because the rest of the world isn’t waiting. So I think there is some pretty decent reason why imessage on android is a considerable possibility. of course, there’s always going to be the argument that opening up message would destroy apple’s walled ecosystem. But I think we’re beyond that point if apple wants to stay competitive then they have to adapt but for now, we’ll just have to wait for those of you who don’t want to wait there actually are a couple of options to use imessage on android now keep in mind these are somewhat unreliable but apps like Wii message and air message use a mac device to forward messages to your android phone.


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