Windfall 2022 Netflix Movie Review

Windfall Netflix Movie Review

Director: Charlie McDowell

Writers: Jason Segel, Charlie McDowell, Justin Lader

Stars: Jesse Plemons. Jason Segel. Lily Collins.

Windfall is a new Netflix film, starring Jason Segel, Lily Collins, and Jesse Plemons. At the very least, I think Siegel looks a little bit like Ryan Gosling there on the poster, and the title is blocking Jesse Plemons’ face.

So this is a home invasion film where a billionaire Tech Giant played by Jesse Plemons, and his wife, Lily, Collins go for a weekend getaway at a vacation home where they’re held at gunpoint by Intruder. Jason Segel.

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Windfall Movie Review

Windfall (2022) Netflix Movie Review

The film is directed by Charlie Mcdowell with a script that’s got a CO story credit from Siegel and is co-written by 7 and 8 mm Andrew Kevin Walker. And, you know, it’s kind of hard to do a home invasion movie. Now, not that you can’t.

It’s just that there are so many of them that it’s a little hard for them to stand out without turning out and just mediocre kind of familiar. But here no overall, it’s a pretty good flick. I didn’t see the trailer for it.

So I did like how the movie opens with seagulls, sitting around this fancy house having orange juice, taking a piss in the shower. I honestly thought he was the billionaire until, oh shit, the couple has arrived.

The movie isn’t so much a straight-up Thriller, even though there are suspenseful moments, but it does also have humor to it without it being a straight-up comedy as well.

The cast all works well together. It’s a bit more of a serious role for Jason Segel, but he does still have plenty of humor or relatable moments in it. It’s not like a wildly against type role nowhere near as dark as, say, Kevin James and Becky.


I do like how the movie realistically plays out in the first couple of vax Siegel gets about five grand hens out and is like, oh crap, there’s a camera. Well, guess I gotta go back. And while I’m back, maybe I’ll just ask for several million dollars. There’s a funny back and forth. He and Plemons have where Jesse Plemons is like no trust me, I’m around money all the time.

You can’t just bag up millions of dollars. It won’t fit, and it’ll be really heavy. Even When they’re able to arrange a money drop. They point out how this logistically will take time.

So they have about 36 hours to kill before the money shows up. And like you do. When you got to wait around for a long time, Small Talk happens.

There are moments where they’ll be referencing the Matt Helm movies, sitting around a fire, or just having some drinks and watching Three Amigos on a big screen on the back patio.

But again, there are surprising turns that it takes. And there are bits where the suspense is they’re still mixed in with some weirdly funny parts, like having to hide in the bedroom from The Gardener and being annoyed by all the gardening noises.

The camera work is solid. It’s not an over-stylized film, but they do a great job of picking their shots to make it engaging, especially since it’s essentially a bottle film.

Even the musical score is kind of cool with a lot of this incidental type of music that you would hear in an old Hollywood crime Thriller. It’s not perfect by any means when it gets to the halfway point. There are moments where a scene will drag on for a little bit, and there are a lot of scenes where they’re arguing works.

Windfall Netflix Review

But then there are a few times when it gets a little too on the nose like you’re watching two people argue online, and I don’t know how much the ending works. It’s a choice. I’ll give it that.

And it’s not a by-the-numbers ending overall, I’ll give it a bee. It sort of feels like a covid era movie. Not that it’s about it. It doesn’t even reference it.

But more like a producer was like, okay, we need to make a movie. Is there any script we have floating around that only has like three people in it?

I Hope You Like my Windfall Netflix Movie Review.

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